Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snowed In with Cabin Fever!

I'm sure so many people were experiencing cabin fever the past few days.  It didn't help that we had just grounded my son from playing any video games or watching TV either (11 year-old attitude - UGH!) It was more torture for us than it was for him.  My daughter just turned 16 and she had her birthday present to keep her busy!  She was blessed enough to get a NOOKcolor!  That WAS perfect timing!
Since I've had plenty of time on my hands from being snowed in and not going anywhere in four days - I've been wishing and hoping for spring and warm weather!  I've been focusing on spring-like colors and making fabric flowers :)  I have a bag full & can't wait to put them together!  I'm hoping to sell a few but I'll have to keep them hidden from my daughter or she will take over!

OK well - Maybe I'll have to make something WITHOUT cheetah print so she won't want it.  (I just now realized they all have some kind of cheetah print)

1 comment:

  1. I love how you've incorporated the charms! So pretty!


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