Sunday, October 17, 2010

A touch of Autumn

What can you make with card-stock, ribbon, crepe paper frills, vintage buttons and 1936 bingo game pieces?  A cute banner.

Little white pumpkins... transformed.

Last week left me excited about turning the pumpkins into something fun.  Looking forward to finding more things to decoupage. 

McKinney's Oktoberfest September 24th & 25th

The soccer games were cancelled due to rain, which meant I had an open afternoon!  The cloudy day was perfect for McKinney's Oktoberfest!  It was also the perfect day for my daughter to wear her funky, cheetah, rain boots. 

Does my eye look big?
On my list of things to definitely do... visit the Antique Company Mall.  First stop, Ella Elaine's booths!  She always has something(s) I just have to leave with.  Today's find: burlap ribbon, my initial "C" & vintage folding measuring stick!  I only had my camera phone so I borrowed some pics from Ella Elaine's blog.  The blurry ones are mine :(  Click on over!  I love her style!

The other must-have from Petals & Vine Home Couture, is my absolute favorite candle by Archipelago Botanicals, HAVANA!  Sure wish they would come out with a room spray.  Make sure you go by and say hi to Marley!

Patina Green - Home and Market opened their doors June 26, 2010... which is why I didn't know about this fabulous place!  I hadn't visited the square since the spring.   I could have stayed in that store forever!  Visit their blog to see what they're all about.

Once I have a certain thing on the brain, I almost become obsessed with it!  As you might have noticed, I love burlap!  After leaving downtown McKinney, I needed to make a quick stop at Sam's Warehouse just for a few things and found this gorgeous, colorful burlap bag.  It only contained 15 lbs of RICE!  Now... how could I justify buying all that rice just 'cause I liked the bag?  

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Homecoming Spirit Rings

Football season is finally in full swing!  There's nothing like sitting in a football stadium on a Friday night! If you  don't know by now, Texas football is a big thing.  The girls will be sporting their mums soon.  But for those who aren't into the craziness of homecoming mums and still want to show some pride, Spirit Rings are just the right size.

Ikea - Paper lantern

My God-sister came for a visit and she loves shopping for furniture. She'd never been to Ikea so we spent the entire afternoon browsing the store!  No kids.  No reason to rush... pure bliss!  This light fixture was something that caught my eye.  It's made out of paper!  

Beaded tree

The cutest tree embellished with beads...nothing but beads.

I didn't realize how many types of buttons were out there! Looking through all the types of buttons, colors and textures can take up so much time... Time which is relaxing, soothing and healing.  I've really enjoyed making these rings. 

Buttons, buttons & more buttons!

Found a large jar of buttons while shopping in down-town Gainesville, TX.  Separating the buttons by color is the best therapy!  Now - to get busy making "stuff"!

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