Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I don't know about you guys but I haven't been able to get motivated to shop or finish decorating.  I'm one that works best under pressure and I'm starting to feel it!  Especially, since I have gifts that need to be taken to the post office for delivery. I haven't even started shopping for my own family!  I don't like shopping! Not even online.  Is this normal?  I tried to get some shopping done yesterday but enjoyed a long lunch with a great friend and visited some shops in Frisco.  I didn't buy a darn thing!  I don't know how that happens...  Anyway - Half the day has passed today and I still haven't shopped. There's always tonight :)  

Happy Shopping Everyone!


  1. I had a realllllllllllllly hard time getting going this year too. Finally put about a fourth of the decorations out and that's all I got around to. Weird year.
    Any way....
    LOVE that musical tree!!!!! did you make it.....????

  2. I came over here after seeing you on my followers list. Love your little paper trees! Just darling!


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